[HAUL] The Body Shop




I just wanted to share a quick haul of mine!

Shop HERE!

I have not shopped at The Body Shop in YEARS and recently my skin has been acting up so I decided it was time to think of me and have recently made a few purchases of goodies for myself.

So years ago the Tea Tree Toner was a staple in my house, my mother, brother and I all used it. I have since been using other toners and after recently throwing one out that seemed to have little help on my skin I decided to go back to my old ways!

I did this purchase while The Body Shop was running a 40% off sale on most items, I am fairly sure they run these kinds of sales regularly.

After getting the package in the mail I have to say it was like opening a gift box, I absolutely loved the way it was presented and it really stood out to me as compared to other purchases I have done recently that were just thrown into the box and sent to me.


So besides just the Tea Tree Toner, which I happened to find on clearance at my local Marshall’s as well for just $7, I purchased a few other items that I will start to use regularly in my routine, I will update y’all on results!

I purchased the Tea Tree Mask, I considered getting the 3-in-1 mask but I really wanted a separate exfoliate so I went ahead and got the normal mask. So far I have only used this once and it made my skin feel so tingly while I let it dry, I loved it!

I also got the Vitamin C Exfoliating Face Wash, I have been using this quite often and target it mostly on my chin where I have had a lot of dry skin peeling off. The exfoliate is rather fine and it tends to burn my skin because it is so rough but it does seem to be working and I am rather pleased that I notice such a difference and feel with this exfoliate as compared to many others I have used before.

I also got the Aloe Moisturizer. I figured this would be good to use on my skin after all the other products and also help with my really dry spots. I was also hoping the Aloe would combat the redness I get on my chin and nose.

I will come back to review these products later as I can’t accurately review them after less than a week of use. The headband was only $5 and I got it to encourage me to start washing and caring for my face daily, meaning in the mornings as well, which I am very poor at. So far it’s working but I think I will need a another face wash as I fear the Vitamin C may be a bit too rough on my skin to use daily.

What products do you love from The Body Shop?


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