[Review + Swatches] Too Faced Magic Rainbow Strobe Highlighter

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Too Faced – Magic Rainbow Strobe Highlighter



This highlighter feel short of expectations.

I have been looking forward to this rainbow highlighter since I first saw it months ago and I have to say I am not impressed. The colors did not swatch anywhere close to the swatches Too Faced has posted on their website.

First of all there is a good chance the highlighter will come broken, the first one I got was broken and I’ve seen several complaints for the same reason but I was able to get a replacement and after swatching it I wish I just asked for a refund.


I’m a huge Too Faced fan and this has been the first real disappointment I have had with one of their products, I got absolutely no color pay off, all I got was shimmer.

I also purchased the Magic Strobing Brush which I do like.


Each color swached individually.



The highlighter is very soft and I do like the texture. It applies rather smoothly like I would expect any Too Faced product to apply. It does have a smell to it but I didn’t notice it at first, you have to be rather close to the highlighter and while I’ve seen some compare it to marshmallows it reminded me more of smarties.



Too Faced actual swatches are not accurate at all. To get the kind of pigmentation they show in their swatches you would need several layers and I mean SEVERAL. One layer shows no color at all, just glitter, at about three layers you start seeing a light color.

When I used the brush to swatch it I saw no color at all just shimmer.



I’ve been saying this the entire collection, I don’t want a glitter barf fest. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE glitter, but at the end of the day do I want my entire face to look like a disco ball, no. The problem with this highlighter is that it’s mostly glitter, there is no real color, and the glitter does not stay in place. While it may give you that strobing highlight there is a lot of glitter fallout and I can get that same look with another highlighter that doesn’t have the same fallout, such as their Unicorn Horn Highlighter Sticks.


Swatched with Magic Strobing Brush

Overall Thoughts

I personally would pass on this highlighter, I think the Too Faced Unicorn Horn Highlighters have a similar affect but with better color and application.

What are your thoughts?



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