[Too Faced] Life’s A Festival Eye Shadow Palette Review + Swatches

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Too Faced – Life’s A Festival




Above are images that come in a pamphlet in the palette box of looks that can be made using this palette.

The following swatches are not edited (except for my watermark) and are taken with natural lighting.

For a primer I tested out Kiss Beauty’s ‘Put A Lid On It’ primer which is a dupe for theBalms. The primer similar to all primers made the colors appear more vibrant and made them easier to apply. I swatched these using my finger not a brush.


Colors from Left to Right: Young & Free, Euphoric, Rainbow Life, Desert Vibes, Sunset Dream, Fun in the Sun.

I really wanted this palette because I love all things Unicorn, because I typically only wear ‘natural’ eye shadow looks I figured I honestly wouldn’t use the palette often. After swatching the eye shadows I must say I am rather excited to use this palette.

The left side has colors I can use normally in most my looks while the right side of the palette has a lot of duo chrome shadows that reflect beautifully in the light, I will likely try using these as accent colors as they are much too beautiful to be left sitting around.

Overall the eye shadows applied quite smoothly and the only one that seemed to have any issue was Desert Vibe & Funtasy, both which you can see small chunks of powder I couldn’t blend to break down.


Colors from Left to Right: Beamin’, Fireflies, Mystic Rain, Funtasy, Artist Pass, Dusk Teal Dawn, Unicorn Tears.

These colors have a metallic vibe to them and have a beautiful sheen. When I saw them in the sunlight I was like a little kid showing my boyfriend the rainbow on my arm.

I will say I am a bit disappointed in the highlighter, it applied a bit chalky and wasn’t as smooth as I would have expected from Too Faced.

Artist Pass reminded me of MAC’s Blue Brown, I remember getting it when I was much younger, it was my first eye shadow from MAC. I never wore the color as it was too dark on me but I still remember it. What surprises me about Artist Pass is that once it’s swatched it just appears to be a copper color in most lighting, the blue is almost non existent. If you get the right lighting you will see the shimmer of the blue, to be honest while this may not be ideal for most because of the lighter color it makes it much more practical for my use.

The photo below uses a bit of more lower lighting (more of a shadow), you can see the duo chromes reflecting and the metallic sheen these colors put off.




For the most part these eye shadows applied quite smoothly, but there were a few that I was not too happy with such as Desert Vibe, Funtasy, and Unicorn Tears. Overall thought the colors glided on, didn’t flake, and were easily built up.



These colors are quite vibrant, I am so happy none of them were sheer. The palette includes a great variety and I think they did great with the color choices and finishes.



The colors sat well and I didn’t find them to have any fall off throughout the day. I am so happy that these have shimmer and not glitter so I don’t have to worry about a glittery barf fest by the end of the day. They stay put most of the day with primer.

Overall Thoughts.

I can say with all honesty that I would recommend this palette. I think you are paying partially for the design of it but the colors are great as well.  The finishes are something I personally don’t have a lot of in my collection so I can see this palette being a great pick. With so many palettes that are currently out and popular right now with similar colors the Too Faced Life’s a Festival Palette is a breath of fresh air.


What are your thoughts?

Share them below!


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