[Too Faced] Life’s A Festival Collection Haul


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This is just a haul! I will have more pictures to come with reviews!

I have been so excited for this collection, while I don’t honestly love a lot of color when it comes to eye shadow I do love unicorns.



Life’s A Festival Palette – $42.00

So I of course got the Life’s A Festival Palette. The packaging is amazing and the colors actually look really nice, I am very excited about the highlighter that comes in it and I’ll being using the colors lightly as accent colors.

Festival Refresh Spray – $24.00

Even thought I like the MAC setting spray I currently use I decided to pickup this one. I am a little nervous because of the glitter in it but hopefully it works out! You have to shake the bottle well as the glitter settles.

Unicorn Horn Highlighting Stick – $28.00

I am super excited for this highlighting stick! I picked the pink since the blue reminded me of the highlighters that came in the Unicorn Survival Kit. It smells like candy as well!

Magic Rainbow Strobing Brush – $34.00

This brush is a bit pricey but I felt like my collection wasn’t complete without it! It’s actually really good quality so I am excited to use it!

Magic Rainbow Strobe Highlighter – $30.00

This was one of my most excited buys, however, it came completely smashed so I will be waiting on the replacement!


Overall I am so excited for this collection! I can’t wait to come back and review each product!

Let me know what you think and if you got anything from the collection!



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