[Bundle Monster] 40% Off Coupon On Select Items On Amazon

**This post contains affiliate links, by clicking one of these links and making a purchase I will get a small commission at no cost to you**

Personal Update: Hey you guys! So I know I have been M.I.A. from my blog for quite a bit. I started working on the blog again at the end of last year but for unforeseen circumstance I had to put it on hold yet again. I am finally settling back in after a rough January and plan to make time to post regularly. Thank you for the support!

Now lets get into what you’re really here for, the Amazon deal! So I always try to browse around on several sites including Amazon to see if I can find any hidden deals, while they don’t come around too often, when they do they are majorly worth it! I happened to be looking at Bundle Monster today and decided to check out what they had on Amazon and to my surprise a few of their items have a 40% off coupon, it’s only a few select items but a handful of them are stamping plates. Now I will note that not all of them are Amazon Prime eligible.

I double checked these items as compared to Bundle Monsters site and they aren’t on sale on the website.

There are quite a few items so I will not be listing them all here but these are the ones that I felt were worth mentioning.

**This coupon is a bit weird as it is for one item BUT not items are under the same 40% off coupon. So it seems stamping plates are together and stencils appear to be separate meaning you can get one of each at 40% off.  I am not sure if the coupon can be used multiple times.**



10 Piece – Paisley Flow Collection $11.99


This set is less than $8 when used with the coupon. I love the designs so I personally think I will be picking these plates up for the price. This set is originally $17.99 on Bundle Monsters website!




10 Piece – Musik City Collection $15.59


This is another 10 piece collection also originally $17.99 on Bundle Monster. The coupon takes off just over $6.00. While this set overall may not be for me I am really loving some of the designs.



91A-oZjT5qL._SL1500_.jpg5 Piece – Blogger Collection $28.50


Although it’s priced higher than Bundle Monsters site by just $1.50 it’s cheaper overall with the coupon. If you were looking into buying this site this is a great opportunity



71IhfihNWeL._SL1500_I Do – Master Collection $22.46


Gel Polish Collection.



Neon Collection – Stuck On You Like Jelly $22.65


Gel Polish Collection.




20 Piece – Nail Art Tool Set $14.13


I have a similar set not by Bundle Monster. These sets are good for beginners but that’s about it.




Build You Own – Nail Plate Storage $13.57


This is something I am likely going to buy, while I have other organizers I have a glitter binder I am not using and this will be perfect for it. I love the variation for the pages as well!




13 Piece – Nail Vinyl Bundle $8.99


I always like keeping these in my collection so I may purchase these to keep them on hand. Yes, I own these actual vinyls so I can vouch for them.




4 Piece – Beauty Blender Set $12.99


Great Variety, however, I don’t see these on Bundle Monsters website.



You can find other items that are coupon eligible by searching ‘Bundle Monster’ and checking for which have the coupon listed. I didn’t find all worth listing.

I also checked and there are a few other plates by different brands also on sale although not as good of a deal.

Take $1 off these plates below.

Born Pretty – $10.99 (Unicorn Plates are $16.99)


Will you be buying anything?

Let me know!



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