Review: Secret Clear Gel & Dove Dry Spray Deodorants

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Secret Clear Gel


Dove Dry Spray


These two deodorants are from the July Beauty Box and August Beauty Box from Target.

Secret Clear Gel

Left in the photo.


Let me start off by saying no. I wanted to like this. I talked about it when I talked about the July Beauty Box (link) but there are sooo many things to dislike about it.

Now I was right when I assumed I would like the scent, I do, but that’s about all I like about this product.

When you receive it you have to spend quite awhile twisting the bottom to get the gel all the way to the top. It ends up going up further past the blue cap, I know this is a sample and I should not be concerned about how much product I get however I even got less than I originally imagined because of the air bubbles in the product. So there is a lot less product than I originally would have thought, that’s on top of the fact that you can’t control how much gel comes out at the top, so one twist and bam half the container is out. So my first thought is this wouldn’t last nearly as long as a normal deodorant even in the full size.

Then the actual wear. When I wore this I was in the middle of moving, the easy part of moving. I was driving in an air conditioned car no sweating or anything. Half way through the trip I feel like I could smell B.O. coming from my pits! EW! I wore this an entire week even when I was just staying at home doing simple things and I always felt the need to reapply because I felt like I smelled. Needless to say I will not be purchasing in the future.


Dove Dry Spray

Right in photo.


So the following month the August Beauty Box (link) came with a full sized deodorant, yay!

I love the design of this product, it’s beautiful! The container is very sleek along with the spray portion of the bottle, I love it! It smells nice too, more of a baby powder rather than a fragrance though but I don’t mind, I think it smells very fresh!

Not I’ve been wearing it a couple days now and I have the same complaints as the gel but not as bad. While doing my make up I got a smell of something and I realized it was my arm pit! It was only one though so I figured I may have missed a spot, no bid deal I just put on new deodorant and moved on. The following day I felt fine but I chose to smell my pits for the sake of this review and the same side I felt smelt a little bad but it was confusing me because I could smell the deodorant fairly strongly as well. I ended up putting my normal deodorant on again. If I can’t feel safe wearing this that’s not a good feeling, I don’t want to be out and about when I get a bad whiff!

While I like this one more than the gel, I will not be purchasing it either.

Oh well, hopefully next time!


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