[Target] Deal Alert! Ayres + Skin&Co Roma



Ayres + Skin&Co Roma

While browsing Target I ran across two beauty brands that are highly discounted!



Ayres was the first brand I found. I noticed they had highly discounted soaps, lotions and shower gels. The soap bars are rather large and seem to be similar to the ones you may find at Ross or Marshall’s, however they are slightly cheaper. I, personally, am most interested in the hand lotions and love the scents they are available in. The ‘Midnight Tango’ seems like my best bet and they even have a large size available and a shower gel! Score!

Skin&Co Roma


Skin&Co Roma was the second brand I found. Skin&Co is Made in Italy and currently has four gift sets for sale, I am considering buying all four! Like Ayres they make hand lotions along with shower gels. The hand lotions are even made with truffle oils making me want to try them all the more! The scents are rather generic and include citrus and rosemary but I find these to be perfect for everyday use or make the PERFECT gift. So stock up for yourself and some friends!


Has anyone tried some of these? What are your thoughts?







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