[Claire’s] Buy 3 Get 3 Free!



Claire’s is having a Buy 3 Get 3 FREE sale!

Sale ends 7/25

[No coupon code needed]

I don’t buy from Claire’s often because most their product are meant for those of a younger age, however, I find some of their product fun and some I’d actually use.

Here are some of the products I would recommend that are included in the sale!


Mint Heart Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool – $6.99

I would recommend this brush cleaner over the other on the site only because I enjoy this one more. I find it more effective to clean with rather than the mats.


Nail Art Brush Set of 6 – $6.50


Mint Stamping Nail Art Kit – $14.99

While a little on the pricey side it’s reasonable with the sale and is great for beginners or will make a great gift to a young nail addict!


Unicorn Rainbow Lip Gloss Pot – $4.99

What can I say, unicorns!


Matte Nude Nailpolish – $4.99


Crystal Bow French Tip Stiletto False Nails – $9.99

Claire’s offers a lot of fake nails. I have seen my co-workers go to buy some for the holidays and they look amazing! They are currently selling a lot of Stiletto styled nails and I am so tempted to try them just to share!


Of course like most BOGO promos when you add 6 items that are eligible for the buy 3 get 3 free promo, it will make the cheapest 3 free. If you add another 6 items to your cart it will make the cheapest 6 of the 12 items free.

Say you have 10 items, what happens? It makes 4 items free.

Here are some examples of my carts.

Screenshot 2017-07-21 15.39.07Screenshot 2017-07-21 15.39.20Screenshot 2017-07-21 15.39.24

Will you be getting anything? I am considering buying a new brush cleaner, can never have enough nail art brushes, and I want some of the fun lip balms!





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