Target Beauty Boxes Available NOW!



Target beauty boxes are once again available!

Since these boxes are always cheap I decided to go ahead and buy both of them again. In case you are a bit pickier, let’s dive into some of the details and see if each box is for you.

Box #1 is $10 while Box #2 is only $5. Together I paid $15.48 with Red Card savings and free shipping.




Above you will find the item detailing that target includes on their website.



Although target does not state the size of their products the Chapstick total hydration lip scrub appears to be full size. The full size version on target goes for $5.






The Burts Bee’s Intense Hydration is a deluxe sample sized. The version in the beauty box is just .25 ounces while the full size is 1.5 ounces. This results in the sample being 1/6th in size and price resulting to it being worth $3.





While I cannot see the size of the Amlactin Lotion that comes with the beauty box I can tell you that out of 25 reviews on Target this lotion maintains a 4 star rating.



Other things to note:

  • The Revlon Kiss Balm is not for sale on target else where.
  • The Nexxus spray is just over 1/6th the size of a normal bottle.making ir worth just under $2.





Above you can see the item detailing for box #2 that Target gives on their site.

While I will not go over each individual item here I will say it’s a great little box for traveling. It has your everyday basics and it’s only $5. If you want to try some new products or are just looking for some samples this box is for you. You can’t really go wrong for $5 though however you likely already have most of these products in your home.

Hope that helps! Will you be getting anything?


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