$20 off of $50 at Julep!


Julep is having another great coupon and I did a little testing with their add-on’s!

Here are the current add-on’s available to add to purchase once you hit check out.


Julep 2

My personal favorites would have to be the face primer and nail decal’s (those will be trending this spring!).

If you are wondering if the coupon will work on add-on’s here’s the answer, add-on’s seem to count towards the total but won’t actually be discounted. So if you add $20 in normal product to your cart and $30 in add-on’s it should take off the $20 from the normal products. Here’s a photo to show me testing it with a $14 polish.

Check Out

It only took $14 off because that’s all I had in normal products.

If you are playing around with the coupon once you hit check out at the add-on page you can hit the julep logo and go back to your cart to insert the coupon and leave your add-on’s in the bag.

Planning on buying anything?

I could really use some new primer but I just bought a new one to test out, I’m talking just bought it Sunday.



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