Review: Karity Cosmetics Nail Polish


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Oh Nail Polish reviews, how I have missed you.

This is a nail polish review I have been meaning to get around to. I wanted to test the polishes to see if I liked their quality enough to stamp them ‘Gift Worthy’.

Overall I find them very gift worthy!

There are two sets to pick from. There are the normal polishes that are full size and have a nice thick brush that applies the polish in a perfect coat (am I the only one hating on those thin little brushes that a lot of brands tend to stock now a days?). The second set features the same colors but in a smaller size and with nail art brushes. Now I honestly wanted just the nail art ones as I don’t really need more nail polish, I mean come on my collection is , but because they are the same and the normal polishes have more polish in them it really didn’t make sense to not just get the normal polish and use nail art brushes. So I said screw it and got them both.

The variety of the colors is nice and I must say I really like them all but the yellow, which really isn’t much of a surprise. The yellow seems to be a tad sheer and just isn’t to my liking, however, the other colors are very true to the bottle and have some great pigmentation and coverage.

One of my pet peeves I will add is that the polishes do not have names, they go by number. I think this mostly bothers me because I see it constantly in very cheap brands so it makes the polish itself almost seem cheap, ya feel me?

Each set had it’s own little rebel that spilled a little bit during shipping but nothing extreme. Also the purple brush in the full size set was a bit defective but I have too many brushes to even bother complaining.

I really do love the nail art polishes though. I can really see me using these for some fun nail art ideas!

Below I will paste my actual Amazon review of these products along with the photos I included. I am going to skip the review for the nail art brushes as it is similar to the original, Enjoy!

I will say my mani job wasn’t the nicest in some of these and I have been a tad sick so please hold the pitchforks until later 😉


I am a nail polish blogger. I have a ton of nail polish. Although I never count them I am likely in the thousands.


I got these polishes just to try out to see how good of quality they would be for gift giving as the price is not bad. I also wanted to see if they would make good base colors for when I play with nail art.

Overall the quality is pretty good. My only complaint is that in one of my sets it seemed like a color leaked, which happens, and the purple brush was defective, no big deal for me I have a ton.

The colors applied pretty nicely and the pigmentation was overall impressive. My least favorite was the yellow which appeared sheer and unappealing but the rest and on par.

Comparing to store bought brands such as Essie and OPI I can say I enjoy these more. The brushes are nicer and thicker so it’s easier to get a better coverage with less streaking. The consistency of the polish just seems better as well.

Overall I am pretty pleased with this polish and would recommend it as a gift or to add to your collection if you are in need of more base colors.

If you have any questions about the polish please feel free to ask. I will likely try stamping with it.

I got this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


Their Awesome Packaging, yet not very discrete.



All the Fab swatches.

These are in order from left → right from 1 → 12.


My quick play with the nail art polishes, which I found surprisingly satisfying.


So is there anyone you would buy this for this holiday season?


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