Review: HSI Paddle Hair Brush


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I know I have been gone for quite sometime and I will update later but for now let’s get right back into things!

Lately I have gone through quite a few hair brushes for whatever reason. Some just taking to long to brush my hair, others getting dirty or just plain old. I have finally settled on a brush for the past few weeks and it is time to share!

It seems like an obvious choice as it’s your normal paddle brush but it’s also by HSI, one of my top hair product lines. I have to say this brush surpasses the quality of other brushes of it’s nature as the brush is heavy and just feels like salon quality. It is gentle yet effective on my hair.

Here is my full review of this brush that I posted to Amazon, Enjoy!


Salon Quality Brush that is more Durable than anything you’d find in stores!

I have been trying to find the perfect brush lately. After one started getting old and two new ones just not lasting long at all I decided to give the HSI brush a try.

As someone that loves HSI products I knew this brush wouldn’t be bad but I must say I am overall impressed with the quality. The brush seems fairly heavy and durable, it seems like a professional brush that I would see used in a salon. I liked that they didn’t add an extra plastic piece to display the brand name because I have had some similar brushes with that piece and it just randomly falls off and leaves the handle sticky.

I will say that after a few weeks of use the name has started to wear off but no big deal.

Overall impressed with another HSI product.

I got this item at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


What do you guys think? Would you buy it?


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