Review: HSI LCD Screen 450 Degree Flat Iron

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Great Price, Gentle yet Effective on Hair


– LCD Display shows current temp
– Goes up to 450 degrees
– Auto shut off function
– Ceramic plates are better for your hair
– Gentle on hair

– None

I have had quite a few straighteners over the years and the honest reason I decided to take on the HSI straightener was because I started using their thermal protector and fell in love.

Here is a link to the Thermal Protector –
Here is the link to my review of the Thermal Protector –

HSI has very high quality products that really do offer a difference in your hair. The difference between this and their cheaper model are going to be the LCD display and the functions that come with it such as the auto off. This one also gets a bit hotter which I enjoy.

I’ll start off by saying the packaging is awesome! Even my boyfriend enjoyed it. It comes in a nice silk like bag that is padded for protection. They send you a good quality, heat resistant glove and with this flat iron they will also send you a free hair serum sample. The flat iron itself is very sleek. I love the all black look and the black plates. One of the issues I’ve had with an old iron was the color came off on my sink when I used it, just as a note, this does not happen with this one.

The LCD light lets me know what temp my iron is at at all times and so I am able to regulate the heat more. Ceramic plates became a thing awhile ago and I know most ceramic tools are very pricey. Ceramic is overall better quality and I notice a difference when I use it on my hair as it’s less likely to fry it and leave split ends. I think the most noticeable difference is when I was running late and my hair was still a bit damp and I straightened it. Unlike with my other flat irons, my hair did not release steam or sizzle from the water evaporating. It actually acted completely normal and my hair stayed straight even after it fully dried which I was not expecting.

The barrel is nice and thick so the curls I can make with this flat iron are beyond magnificent. I will say this is definitely a top pick. If I had to pick between the $50 iron and this one I would easily pick this one as I prefer the LCD screen and the higher temperature. They even include a guide of what temperature you should have your iron at for your hair type.

Overall great quality, great brand, they really do know what they are doing when it comes to hair. I will be trying their shampoo and conditioner next and I can only hope I like it half as much as this and their thermal protector.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I got this item at a complimentary discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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