Review: Neutralyze Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment with Mandelic Acid


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Fast Acting and Great Results for Difficult Acne!


** Please note I filled the video after 3 weeks of use and the photos go up to two weeks. I plan on having a new photo around Monday 9/7 at the four week mark**

If you are reading this, you probably NEED this product. As it worked well for my body chemistry and acne so I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

– Works Fast, You’ll Notice Results Quickly
– Gentle, only slight stinging
– Great with all acne
– Affordable
– Great Packaging
– Not drying

– None

I have had this product for a few weeks now to try out and review. I get acne mainly from my anxiety disorder so I break out the most when I start feeling stressed and overwhelmed which is a lot of the time. I have tried most acne products and don’t see enough of a difference overtime to continue use. I think that’s a huge factor is if we don’t see results we won’t continue most routines very long. I also use to be on Accutane, which worked but is very expensive and annoying to be on as it has a lot of bad side effects.

The photos go as follows:
Day One → Day Three

1 Week → 2 Weeks

As stated before I plan to have a photo of the fourth week because as of now my acne has improved much more significantly and I think it will be almost completely gone by Monday.

Some overviews of my skin:
A bit sensitive. I have acne that is not considered `normal’ as normal acne cannot be popped and instead just has knots under the skin. My acne is filled with junk and it tends to hurt in the creases of my face so I tend to pop them with a whitehead/blackhead remover, this relieves pressure but overall I know it’s not healthy for my skin.

To reduce acne and prevent myself from picking anymore as my anxiety disorder makes it worse. Heal old and new acne.

Time Line:
For the first 5 days I used this product once a day. After that I used it twice a day except for one, maybe two days that I only used it just in the evening. Please note you will likely see results even faster since I only used it once a day for 5 days.

I started noticing a difference after just 3 days. The seller had told me I may notice results fast but to use the product for at least 2 weeks before posting my results. After two weeks my skin had healed so much. By healing I mean my old acne had dramatically improved by healing the damaged skin and reducing inflammation and irritation. While redness and bumps still remained I was able to apply light amounts of makeup and look nearly flawless while before it was almost impossible to cover my acne due to the damaged skin.

I am at 3 and ½ weeks right now and almost comfortable to the point of wearing no make up. I did get a new zit that came in and I picked at it like crazy and it looked awful yesterday but as of today it has healed a lot faster than it normally would and make up easily covered it, phew. Other than that I have had no new acne, yay!

I am overall very pleased with this product. Overall looking back on the photos I felt like I only noticed a slight difference but take the time to notice certain trouble spot such as my chin and go through the photos and you will see a dramatic change for each spot. By week two the areas are mostly just red and no longer bumps. By now most of them are gone all together.

I will note that I do get these little itty bitty pimples. They are very small and I use to get them on my forehead and chin. While I no longer have any on my forehead I still have a bit on my chin. Luckily they are so tiny they are not noticeable but to anyone other than me. I heard all you have to do is exfoliate to get rid of them but mine must be very stubborn.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions feel free to comment and ask and I will reply the best I can.

I got this item at a complimentary discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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