Review: Vitamin C Facial Toner

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Great Toner and Brightener but Leaves Skin Feeling Tight not Hydrated


– Easy to use
– Tightens skin
– Brightens Skin
– Will last a long time
– Great sprayer

– Makes my skin feel a bit dry

Overall this product does what it says. It’s a light mist so you only need to spray once, max twice. Because of the small amount used it should last you a fairly long time. I notice that my skins does brighten upon using this product.

This product is also a toner so it will tighten your skin and make pores smaller. I do believe this product helps with this so it is a great 2 in 1. I will say that I prefer a vitamin c serum that makes my skin feel very soft like The Body Shop’s vitamin C serum. Since this serum also acts as a toner is makes it logical for it to feel a bit drying, however, I have provided it with a star down because it advertises as nourishing and hydrating. While it may do this is does not make my skin feel hydrated by any means.

This is a great product to use before your moisturizer. Something to use almost as soon as you get up.


I got this product at a complimentary discount in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

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