Review: Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

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Just an ordinary face wash


– Lathers well
– Helps clean off make up and dirt

– Leaves my skin feeling like plastic
– No noticeable difference in skin

I used this product for a couple of weeks before basing my review.

I will first start by saying when the package arrived it was a bit of a mess. There was face wash coming out around the pump and I thought I got a defective pump. After having to take the time and clean it it seemed to be fine.

The face wash itself lathers well. It also smells like ordinary soap so at least it has not harsh fragrances that can be irritable to some.

After using the product my face felt like rubber. I hated the feeling of my skin. It felt very dry, as if it had washed away all the good oils as well. The fragrance and the feeling it left reminded me of a cheap generic face wash I buy from the store.

After weeks of use I noticed no difference in my skin. It seems like a generic face wash to just wash dirt and make up off but nothing special.

I received this item at a complimentary discount for my honest and unbiased review.


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