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First Heat Protector That Makes My Hair Look GREAT


Length:: 5:34 Mins

– Easy to use handle
– Lock on the cap
– Smells like a high end hair product
– Sprays at a wide range
– Gives a Healthy Shine
– Less Split Ends

– Leaked during transit.

I must say that I really love this product. I have used several other heat protectors and have never noticed a difference, I just always assumed they were helping my hair. This product actually makes my hair look healthier and better than before. Let me get into the specifics.

So it’s really easy to spray. It’s a wide mist range so I only need to spritz a few times for my long hair. This prevents my hair from feeling damp and I end up using less product making this bottle last longer. It also makes it less likely that my hair will fry from the dampness.

This product smells great! Like it just came out of a high end salon that you pay about $25 just for the bottle.

I have noticed while using it that it has given my hair a healthy glow and shine. It also makes my hair feel very silky and soft. Because this product has all these nice features I don’t have to use other hair products with it resulting in me saving $$$ and looking great.

I have noticed I am not getting many split ends either which for me seems like a miracle.

I love that I can actually see a difference in my hair when using this product so I know it actually works unlike other heat protectors, who knows if I was just spraying water in my hair.

I would highly recommend and will be purchasing again.

I received this item at a complimentary discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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