Review: Women’s Formal Career Fitted

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None Stretch, Fitted Pants, leaves a very limited market


– Has an extended waistband that is secure and comfortable.

– Not a great shape or fit
– Very thin, cheap material
– Material actually irritated my skin and made it itchy
– Runs small, I am a medium and ordered 2 sizes up.

I was hoping these would be great slacks for me to wear to work since I have very few that I am comfortable wearing. I read the other reviews and chose to get an XL rather than the medium I normally am. Here’s the problem, I have curvy thighs and hips but smaller and fitted calves along with waist. Now keep in mind although I am curvy I fit a size 8 in most women’s clothing brands (pant wise). The material sits perfectly around my thighs and hips but it is not stretchy at all and is fairly skin tight so I would probably have issues sitting down. That’s two sizes up fitting my size medium butt… Wow. The next thing was because I have a smaller waist and the waistband is also fitted with no stretch, the waist is actually to big. When I tuck something in, which I don’t typically do, it doesn’t seem to bother me as much. I think also because the material is so loose around my calves when I just stand up straight, there is no break in the fabric. Since there is no break in the fabric and the thighs are tight and the waist and calves are loose this actually is very unflattering.

My boyfriend actually told me I looked fat in these, I don’t mind, he’s being honest and I have to agree. When I made the video it was first impressions and I had not seen myself in a mirror but I was not impressed with my figure once I did see them on and I would not feel comfortable wearing these to work. The material also became very bothersome and with that I agreed I would not be keeping them.

I never really have an issue with fit in pants. The problem with these is that there is absolutely no give in the fabric so you either fit perfectly or you don’t. The fabric feels cheap against the skin, almost as if you can rip it by bending the wrong way.

I will have to continue my search for the perfect slacks.

I got this item at a complimentary discount for my honest and unbiased review.

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