Review: PUEEN Nail Art Stamp Collection Set 24M – Make Your Day

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Some of the best stamping plates for your buck!


– Professional Packaging
– Comes with Plate Case
– Great Quality
– Great Variety of Designs
– Affordable


This is my second purchase of Pueen items and I have yet to be disappointed. They have great quality plates that are always deep enough that you get the perfect stamp. I always recommend their plates because you don’t have to try multiple times to get the perfect pick up, the plates are great quality and pretty much guarantee it. Well made plates such as these make it very easy to stamp so it’s a great plate for beginners or vets of the art. I love the variety of designs that come with this set. You have geometric patterns, floral patterns, cute designs and fashion designs. I have never had a bad experience stamping with these plates. These plates make it so easy to stamp I have to wonder why I bought other plates in the first place. Although you can find some plates cheaper overseas the plates tend to not be deep enough so it’s hard to get a good pick up of color, that’s why it’s worth spending the money on a brand that backs their product up. I really love these plates and can’t say enough good things about them.

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