Review + Tutorial: Beautyinside® Washing Brush

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Great Design. Helps so Much!


– Easy to Use
– Easy to Clean
– Cleans Brushes Effectively

– Awkward Size

How To Use:
‘ Wet your brush.
‘ Put brush cleaner either on the brush or egg.
‘ With large brushes use the ribbed end. With small brushes use the spiked end.
‘ Move larger brushes in an up and down pattern and small brushes in a circular motion.
‘ Wash the egg and brush off with water.
‘ Squeeze extra water out of the brush.
‘ Pat brush dry with a towel and let it sit out to air dry.

I knew what size to expect when I got it but I didn’t realize it would fit two fingers, I thought more like one and two seems a bit awkward for me. Either way I love that this is so easy to clean and does a better job cleaning my brushes than my fingers do. I noticed a lot more make up coming off and the brushes looked cleaner afterwards. The egg also makes my cleaner lather up a lot more. Because it’s not an entire glove it’s easier to store so I can put it right in front of my brush case. The silicone is also really easy to just wash off. Makes cleaning my brushes so much easier.

I got this item at a complimentary discount for my honest and unbiased review.


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