Review: Essential Makeup Brush Set by Thammick

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Love the brushes not that highest quality.


– Great Looking Set
– GREAT Variety of Brushes
– Each is labeled for use.
– Nice Packaging

– Bristles came off
– Some stray hair
– Not as much color pay off
– Made shadows powdery

I have own several sets of make up brushes and had high expectations for this set which is why I may have been a little disappointed when they didn’t meet my high standards.

There are several things I like about these brushes compared to most on the market. I love the case and packaging but most of all I LOVE the variety of brushes. So many other sets come with the same brush but in different sizes and they miss out on important brushes like your blending brushing and highlighting brush. This set has all the key important brushes you could possible need. The quality seems nice but my pickiness noticed a few things I was not in love with.

There are a few stray bristles. This typically doesn’t bother me at all and it didn’t here. What was a bit upsetting was the bristles coming off when I used them even after washing them. I am hoping with time they will go away but some other brushes I own have never shed at all. Another thing was the color pay off. That has become something I look for the most because it is important but we don’t think about it. The brushes tend to not pick up as much color and instead will fan it around meaning you get more loose powder that drifts off into the air or into other areas of the skin. It made my shadow pretty powdery as well which other brushes don’t. I also have to use about three swipes of color to skin to get the same pigmentation as brushes that use 2 swipes. Just something to consider.

Overall the brushes cost much less than my much more expensive ones so it’s not at all surprising that they don’t rank right beside them but I was hoping for a bit more.

I think they would still make a great gift and are affordable.

I got this product at a complimentary discount for my honest and unbiased review.


Thammick Boxed Set

Thammick Brush set

Thammick Brush set

Thammick Brush set

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