Review: BOYON ®Premium Makeup Brush Set

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Amazing Deal but Missing Key Brushes


– Extremely Affordable
– Bright Colors
– Comes with a Nice Case
– Brushes are Soft
– Keeps pigmentation of product
– No loose brush caps

– The plastic shields smells so bad
– A lot of messy glue
– Some don’t seem well crafted
– Missing key brushes

I have quiet a few make up brush sets but I loved the bright green of this set. It’s very refreshing and inviting! The case is nice and can keep the brushes condensed enough so that they wont take up to much space. The smell was overwhelming from the plastic but at least it’s not from the brushes. There are quiet a few brushes and this is a great price for the set but the main reason why I had to give it one star down was not for the defects on the brushes that I showed in my video’ BUT that there is no blending brush or eye lid brush in this set. To me those are key brushes missing so there are no small brushes that blend well because the others are stiff like concealer brushes. There are about 10 brushes of the same shape and stiffness just slightly different sizes, you wont ever need all those!

If you are new to make up or getting this as a gift, I think it’s a great idea. If you are experienced with make up and have previous brush set, you may want to look for something better.

I got this item at a complimentary discount for my honest and unbiased review.



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