#WishlistWednesday Pueen Nail Viynls

 Happy #WishlistWednesday!

I am so happy to say that my boyfriend got me these new nail vinyls! He had seen it on my wishlist and picked it up on his latest amazon purchase. It’s a big deal to me because he never buys anything for me that is nail related! How sweet!
I will say a lot of stencils come with this. I have purchased from other stores and been surprised when I got them but this had so many in it that I was happily surprised.
The Pueen Stencils are only $10.99 on amazon and you can click HERE to check them out!
Because it is American Zoo Day I tried doing a Zebra mani. I used classic black and white and the two middle fingers are black based with a white stamping polish over and the outter nails are white bases with black over.
I did several layers of polish and I think that overall made it a bit sloppy so I will have to just try one layer next time.
Above I used the wave Vinyls over a white base. I sponged on a Mentality Neon polish along with Lorelei Lacquer Bermuda (You can use the code Krista10 for 10% off your Lorelei Lacquer order).
I tried doing some stamping using a plate form overseas and it didn’t work to well. You can see my hidden octopus on my middle finger along with bubbles on my accent finger.
Overall the blue was very vibrant and I loved this look, if only the stamping worked.
I need a bit more work with the vinyls but I know they will be my favorites and I will order more.
 Thought I would share my ring with this mani. It really made it pop! Available at Krista’s Boutique!
What’s on your wishlist?

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