#MondayMadness Modcloth Sale!

Thought I would share an awesome sale going on from Modcloth!

Their Summer Sale is up to 50% select items. There have a few home goods and accesories that you may find you need and I am going to share some of my favorites that I will be getting and or ones that I already own.
Sale starts at 11AM CST today and ends at 7AM CST on July 6th.
The Jewelry holder I own. I have it on a hook on the side of my helmer. I use it to hold my nail swatches that are on rings. It’s perfect and does not take up to much room.
The nail files are something I have had on my wishlist and they even have some lipbalm and a make-up bag to match!. They have other fun nail files as well.
These are my honorable mentions. I don’t think these will be in the sale but I have been wanting them for a bit. The nail decals are just that and the whale is a cute little nail brush.
The rabbit is a cotton ball holder and I have been thinking about picking it up for my desk for quiet some time now. They have another one that is $25 instead but I like it more. I am just not sure if i want to dish out the money for something that is cute but not as practical as what I have now.
I will be getting those chocolate nail stickers though!
There will also be a lot of clothing and jewelry on sale. I have been looking into all sorts of things that would be nice for my #FashionFriday’s but I always get stuck looking in their home department. I have some notebooks and pencils on my wishlist. I am such a dork sometimes.
See anything you like? Let me know in the comments below!

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