#SneakPeekSunday Starrily Preview + Coupon

My Starrily order has finally come in! It’s hard to do my Saturday hauls anymore because I just buy way to much. 🙂
If you would like to purchase from Starrily use the code ‘starstruck’ for 20%! Good until July 1st! You can visit them HERE.

So I wanted to go ahead and share my NOTD which is Ggals White Pointer with Starrily’s Blowing Bubbles on top. I love the combo, although I am not quiet sure why the edges of my nails are appearing yellow. I am assuming it’s lighting since they do not appear that way in person!
 So I have done two seperate orders. The above 4 are all prototypes. None of them have names on them. I am in love with the polish on the right and I really do like the topper on the left as well. The orange and black will be nice for halloween and I think I will actually put it into my Halloween giveaway.
So this is my second order. The one on the left is Blowing Bubbles. I normally do not buy glitter toppers but I loved the way this one looked so much I preordered it. The middle is another prototype so it has no name and the far one is Ultima, another preorder. I did not realize I also bought another polish very similar to Ultima that I have done in one of my past reviews so I will have to do a comparison of them.
Overall I am fairly happy with my purchases and would purchase again. Shipping is very reasonable and I have already used one of the polishes as you can see.
Will you get getting anything?

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