#ShopSaturday BH Cosmetics FGWP

Okay, I am offically just a bad influence!
BHCosmetics is having a free gift with purchase and you all know I am a sucker for anything free and anything that’s a surprise.

For every $20 you spend you get another free gift, plus it’s all free shipping. I spent a total of $64. Do not forget to add the code!
They do not currently have much specifically nail related but I am going to try out some of their brushes for nail clean up and what not.
Here is what I got.
This is the 14 Piece signature brush set and I love the case. They have similar cheaper but I loved the style of this. It’s $25. I won’t use the face brushes much as I plan to keep it on my nail desk but it will help keep room in my helmer since brushes would take up a lot of space.
 This is the 36 piece brush set. Only $30. It came with every brush I could possibly want so I went ahead and picked up the entire set.
Lastly I got primer. Mainly because I have been out of Juleps primer for quiet awhile and wanted something cheap. I got the matte primer only because it was a $1 cheaper.
Will you guys be picking up anything?
I really hope the free gift is something I will love.

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