Lorelei Lacquer Collection Launch

I was not able to get to fashion friday today because I was busy working on photos for a store collection launch!
I am here to share them with you today!
The collection is by Lorelei Lacquer and launches tonight at 6pm. You can use the code Krista10 for 10% off your order.
 This is the full collection! Available for $80 Full size or $50 minis.

Lorelei Lacquer – Bermuda
Bermuda is by far my favorite because I love blue! This is the PERFECT blue and you NEED this. It’s described as a Royal Blurple Holo.
Lorelei Lacquer – Hot Mama
Hot Mama I was not sure if I would like because it was not holo like the rest but it’s one of my favorite as well. It’s a light pink crelly with blue and purple MATTE glitters and pink/blue shimmer. The matte is what I love. It reminds me of cotton candy.
Lorelei Lacquer – I Wanna Take You
 I Wanna Take You is a white crelly with turquoise and teal matte glitters and metallic magenta flakes.
Lorelei Lacquer – Aruba
 Aruba is a jungle green holo. I pretty much never get compliments on my nails not matter what I wear but I did with Aruba. I used Jamaica and Key Largo for stamping on top, although it’s subtle it’s a nice touch.
Lorelei Lacquer – Key Largo
Key Largo is a goldenrod Holo. It’s more golden IRL.
Lorelei Lacquer – Bahama
 Bahama is hard to photo. It’s a true coral holo and likes to appear bright pink in all my photos.
Lorelei Lacquer – Jamaica
 Jamaica is a golden yellow holo. It’s the most sheer in the collection but barely sheer at that. I only used two layers.
Lorelei Lacquer – Kokomo
 Kokomo is sure to be everyones favorite. It’s a creammy brown holo with golden bronze flash and purple flecks. i really noticed the purple while swatching. It’s hard to find a nice brown holo so I LOVE this one.
Lorelei Lacquer – Montego
Lastly is Montego, a radient orchid holo. I have no colors like it so I am excited to have it.
I will be posting nail art and close ups in the days to come stay tuned.
Please comment what’s your favorite in the collection?

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