#ShopSaturday Who Sparkles Shop Review

Happy Saturday! Overall this will be a short shop review as I have had an extremely busy week and have a long day tomorrow!

This is my Who Sparkles haul from back in the day, this shop review is long over due.
Who Sparkles is based in Norway and I contacted the shop to do a special order. The full size was a gift from her and one of my favorites. I swatched most but not all of the polishes photo’d above.
I love the packaging of the products and I love the labels. I love most the colors the only thing I can say I do not is that most of the polishes are extremely sheer. They look beautiful with undies but I am not the biggest fan of some of the polishes by themselves.
Let’s get started with swatches!
​Who Sparkles – Favourite Leaf
I have posted this photo before of the full size polish I was sent. It is not sheer and is a lovely green color. The color is in Favourite Leaf.
​Who Sparkles – Smells Like Carrots
Next is Smells Like Carrots. This pollish is also one that is not sheer and I really do like the color of the polish overall. This wasn’t my best mani photo and I planned to redo but I have just gotten behind.
​Who Sparkles – Smoke Monster
Smoke Monster is next. This is one of the sheer polishes but I am very curios to see how it will look over a white undie as it just screams cookies and cream to me. What do you think?
 ​Who Sparkles – Raw Hamsteaks
This is Raw Hamsteaks over a white undie. This polish is normally quiet sheer and you can probably tell that the white undie makes a huge difference. With the undie and the nail art I find this is a polish must have.
​Who Sparkles – Intergalactical High
Intergalactical High is a glitter top coat. I am not quiet sure what kind of color I want to try this over but I think a silver may be my best bet. I love the purple glitter you can see reflect!
​Who Sparkles – In Too Deep
In Too Deep is a lovely blue. I think this would look fantastic over a true blue base but I didn’t want to picture it over an undie as I figured it would take away the look of the actual polish.
​Who Sparkles – Bathroom Cove
Bathroom Cove is another good pick and is not as sheer as the others. The glitter gives it a nice characteristic. I really like the star glitters in it and find that it makes the polish really fun.
​Who Sparkles – Allergic to Gold
Allergic to Gold is also sheer but I don’t find it as sheer as some of the others. It may make a great layering polish but I really do like the gold glitter in the yellow base.
What do you guys think of all the polishes?
Will you be purchasing any?

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