#TryItTuesday GIVEAWAY Bohemian Polish Cuticle Oil

Happy #TryItTuesday! Today I decided to give you guys something to try!
This will be my first ever giveaway and there will be more to come!

I LOVE Bohemian Polishes Cuticle oils! They come in all sorts of yummy scents and I have at least 20. I know they are planning on adding more scents as well and I am just so excited! They are only $4.50 an oil and their shipping is very fair. The only problem is they have so many scents you will have trouble choosing!
I find if you use their cuticle oils consistently you will notice a change in your cuticles over a bit of time. I love the scents so much I find myself using them quiet frequently which is a good thing! I keep a few around the house and in my work bag so that I always have one with me. Most of all I use it in my pictures when I take mani photos and I find it makes a big difference!
My all time favorite scent is in ‘Cupcake’. I will be giving away one cupcake scented cuticle oil for someone to try!
The giveaway starts today and will end the 22nd at 11:59PM.
For details about entereing check out my facebook page here → https://www.facebook.com/TheBeautyDesign or the home page of my blog!


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