#TryItTuesday Special Edition

Hi all and Happy #TryItTuesday. Try it Tuesday is where I try something new whether it be nail art or nail polish and I encourage you guys to do the same!
Today is a Special Edition because tomorrow is my little mans first birthday!
September 24th 2014 I was blessed with getting this little furball thrown into my life and each day he warms my heart! June 10th 2015 he will turn a full year old!

I am not that good an nail art so I just played around this time and tried the cupcake design on my nails. I have previously tried this on swatch sticks and I failed several times on my nails but as long as you can tell that it’s a cupcake I am happy. I also got to take a fun photo shoot with my furball!
My pointer and middle finger are stamps and I had to free hand the bone since my bone plate is to big for my fingers. The colorful cupcake is also free hand 🙂
The color is Enchanted Polish June 2014, I picked this color because my Gnar tends to always take my purple polishes out of my helmer when I am organizing and the June month just happens to be perfect.
I know my photo is not that clear because I had to take it from my phone so I could see the front camera and my phone makes it a bit blurry with how much my Gnar was moving.
I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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