Try It Tuesday – Orly Color AMP’D Review

Overall Score D+

Let me start by saying my target did not have a huge selection of colors and I decided this color would be the best option for me as I could hopefully use it as a base for stamping and what have you but the color did not come out how I thought it would. Though the bottle of ‘The Boulevard’ seems like an off-white it is more of a ‘Pearl’ color. The color is very sheer and has a lot of shimmer in it, it’s not at all what I expected.
The first coat applied alright and I would say the formula is ‘o’kay’ but the second and third layers felt like ice cubes on my nails! I could not believe how cold it made my nails feel!
I did get a smudge on my nails and tried fixing it and applyed the top coat again to my nails and it did not smoothe anything out for me. *Insert sad face here*
I had done my nails at night and filmed this the following afternoon and by that evening I had noticed a lot more chipping than what I had when filming which was a huge dissappointment, perhaps the formula is just not good with my body chemistry.
I will say removing this was quiet easy so there is nothing to worry about there.
For me, overall, I would pass on this polish. It’s an alright alternative to gel polish but it is no winner to me and I will stick with my indies!
What did you try for #TryitTuesday!

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