Shop Saturday – Forever Polished Review

#ShopSaturday featuring Forever Polished!
Forever polished is known for their Mani bombs which also caused a huge stir in the handmade world as Ashley had tried to trademark the name ‘Mani Bomb’.
I had personally done two large orders before the entire thing blew up and I will say that I don’t plan on purchasing from her again, but not just because she does bad business.

 Mani bombs are something you throw into a bowl of water and let your feet or hands soak in it and it is suppose to make your hands feel really soft. The way people had talked about these I thought I would notice a noticable change when using these, but I didn’t. I did see the butters left on my hands after use but overall my hands actually became more dry with repeat use, the only nice thing was the scent.
When everything blew up Ashley did not handle the situation well in my opinion and was very unprofessional. There was a comment that really made me think and that was that Mani bombs are actually not good for your nails. Soaking your nails in water for periods of time will actually weaken them.
Since everything I have stopped using my FP mani bombs and just use cuticle oil often and I have noticed that my cuticles are not longer as dry. Forever Polished had a cuticle oil that came with their Mermaid Box that I saw a few raves on and I must say it was the most hated thing I have ever gotten. It was hard as a rock and no matter how much I rubbed it it did not melt easily.
The scents are great but they are nothing special and if you are looking for something for your hands or cuticles I would recommend some where else. When I had received a package with missing goods it took me 2 weeks to get a responce because I had to ask on her facebook page.
If you are really interested in mani bombs there are tons of sellers that sell them all the time without the restocks. I would highly recommend you checking them out. I just cannot do business with Ashley after all the things I have seen her say (and yes I have several screen shots).
I will have a small haul to show you all later!

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