Fashion Friday – Betsey Johnson Nail Polish Bag

 Happy #FashionFriday! I am a Fashion Design Major and want to be able to merge fashion and polish and that’s what Fashion Friday is all about. I will be showing manis or polish related to some thing fashion or some thing fashion related to polish!

Today I am featuring my Betsey Johnson polish bag! I happen to work at Macy’s so when I saw this come out I had to have it. I was worried that it wouldn’t look like nail polish but no one has mistaken it thus far and even though it’s fairly small I have LOVED using it.
I am used to bigger bags so when I started using this I thought I would hate it and it did take a bit of getting use too but it’s the perfect size. It sits so perfectly under my arm it seriously made me giddy. I have been using this for over a week with no regrets!
If you are interested in picking one up you can find it here. You can also go in stores and order it for free shipping right to your house and see if they have any coupons that may work (typically only friends and family coupons work on Betsey and our next one is in November).
I feel like a true polish addict now.
Do you have any polish related accessories?


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