Shop Saturday – Yume Lacquer Shop Review

Hello readers and welcome to #Shopsaturday! For Shop Saturday I hope to review a new shop every week or at least show hauls. If I have both to show (haul and review) I will post my haul at 6PM, like today!

I have been browsing Etsy for quiet awhile finding polish shops that I wanted to review and swatch for. Yume Lacquer was one of those and she was nice enough to offer me a discount and good news, she has one for you too. You can use ‘BEAUTYDESIGN15’ for 15% off her Etsy store here.
All opinions in this blog are my own.
Let us start with the packaging. She was quick to ship and I loved her packaging the most out of all my Etsy orders thus far. She wrapped and tied it in tissue paper and had crinkle paper in the box.
I ordered mostly pinks and lighter colors as that tends to be what I am most comforatble ordering but I did go a bit out of my comfort zone with one color that you will see below.
Dragon Grass is the first. It’s a pale yellow base with purple and pink glitter. I was surprised I liked the look of this polish on and the glitter is really easy to take off. This was also a dream to apply.
 Animal Instinct is described as a rose pink with gold, copper and lilac glitter. It’s a bit to sheer for my liking so I would rather use Dragon Grass but it’s still a nice color and I like the glitter.
Sand pearl is a sheer light pink color with yellow glitter and diamond shaped silver glitter in it. I tried applying this over a white base and I did not like it. It makes the yellow stand out a lot more and the pink disappears. You can tell the polish is pretty sheer. In person I still like it as it is light and cute and you don’t notice the sheerness as much.
I really love Rainbow Heart. It’s a light copper base with glitter and is so perfect for summer. I have been looking for a nice copper and the lighter copper looks great against my skin tone.
Pink Lady is likely my least favorite. There is a texture left after this polish is applied and I am just not a fan, however, the color is pretty. Application seems a bit uneven because of the texture.
 Latchkey Kid is probably my favorite. It’s a pink with gold micro glitter. I stamped it over white for my accent finger and although it’s really sheer I really like the look of it. Another great summer color and I have to say I don’t have anything in my collection like this and I have always wanted something similar.
 Fan the Flames is out of my confort zone but I was in love with how this mani turned out! It’s a red orange color with gold flakes and I used it to stamp on my accent finger as well and I love it because it looks like flames to me! Perfect for the name.
Overall I want to mention that with so many of these polishes having glitter I was rather shocked how easy it was to take them off as it is as if none of them had glitter in the first place. I noticed no staining or running while removing the polish either.
I did not have any issue with chipping while I wore these polishes and the application is great except for Pink Lady which seems a bit chuncky.
I really hope you check out her store! I hope to get a few more soon to swatch for you all but that may not be for a bit.

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