Shop Saturday Haul!

This will be quick and simple! I wanted to show you guys my recent haul! This is all the polish I picked up this week. I love sharing my hauls as you guys get to see what I have added to my collection.

 Julep Mystery Box – I got the Julep mystery box, mostly because I was in love with the bag. The color on the far right is what I got as free polish with coupon code. I don’t believe I have any of these polishes which is really nice!
Julep polishes from left to right: Brandis → Lilou → Shayla → Marcella → Chatoya → Angie
Next is my Llarowe haul! I ordered two mystery grab bags. I got one that I already have (the Jinde) but all the others are new to me and I think I will enjoy them. Most of these colors are from November!
Llarowe polishes from left to right: Glisten & Glow – Can I have seconds please? → Different Dimensions – Ho^3 → Hare Polish → Trust no one, Suspect Everyone → Jindie – Kangaroo, take me away → Colors by Llarowe – Turkey Coma → Black Cat – Blackest Friday
Next are my Emily De Molly’s! This is my favorite brand and I treated myself to buying a few from ladies destashing!
EDM’S Left to right: Peer Pressure → Path less taken → Insipid → Head over heels
Lastly are my basics. I got a new 5 free top coat which I am really eager to try with ym EDM’s. I also got a glitter base which I figured would be nice when I am swatching glitter polishes. I got Ggals white polish as well. It was less than $5 and you can never have enough white!
What have you guys bought! I would love to see links and pictures!

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