Lorelei Lacquer Launch and Review

This will be a very long review and will be picture heavy so I hope you enjoy!

I am very happy that I get to review Lorelei Lacquer. I was sent these polishes to swatch and review. I will be 100% honest in my review!
The theme of the first collection is Adventure Time! There were originally 8 polishes in this collection but due to one polish being stubborn and color changing (not in a good way), the color had to be pulled in the collection to be rereleased at a later date.
The polishes will range from $8-$10 for a full size (15ML) bottle and $4-$6 for minis (7ML). There are two duos in the collection and you can get them full size for $16 or $8 for minis. For the entire collection is is $59 full size and $31 minis. There is a coupon code also valid the night of the grand opening (May 29th) for 20% and 15% there after and the code is LLGrandOpen.
I personally have known the owner for a bit and I must say she is a pleasure to work with so I am so honored to be able to do swatched and reviews for her. I know she will do great things with her brand!
Here are my photos of the full collection! Below I will show individual photos and talk about the polish more in depth!
 Finn is the first polish. It’s described as a blue holo with green flecks. This is the polish I have worn the most. I really like it and if I had to pick I would say the Finn Duo and Fionna Duo are the two MUST HAVES. The formula is just perfect, easy application and fast drying.
Finn is $10 FS and $6 Mini.
Finn’s Duo is Jake.
Jake is described as glitter topper with different shades and sizes of yellow, white and holo glitter. I wanted to show the coverage of the glitter and show that you can get them to be fairly opaque. I really like the different shapes of glitter that come with this polish. I am not much for top coat gillters but the manis I was able to do with this glitter make up for it. Here is an example.
Jake is $8 FS and $4 Mini.
Finn and Jake are $16 together FS or $8 mini.
 I love this mani so much. I wore it to a fashion show I was working at and I was in love.
This is my wrap up of Finn and Jake. I really like them and as you can see Finn can be stamped over light colors.
Next is Fionna.
 Fionna is described as a hot pink holo with a turquoise flash. I am very picky about pink holos as sometimes they look to neon on me. The photo makes it look a bit neon but it’s more bright than neon. I really do love it and the coverage is very nice which is why this is one of my must buys from the collection. Fionna can also be stamped over light colors.
Fionna is $10 FS and $6 Mini.
Fionnas Duo is Cake.
 Cake is described as a glitter topper with different shades of gold and silver glitter and flakies. I wanted to show how the polish looks with one layer and how it lookes with multiple layers. If you want to make the glitter opaque I recommend either dabbing it on with the brush or sponging it on.
Cake is $8 FS and $4 Mini.
Fionna and Cake can be bought together for $16 FS or $8 Minis.
Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) is described as a light dusty pink lavender glitter crelly with red fleck, gold flakies, and mini black stars. I did not think I would like I would like this polish as much as I did but on it looks very cute and chic.
LSP is $9 FS and $5 Mini.
 Princess Bubblegum (PBG) is described pinky/purple glitter crelly with Lilac holo flakies, Fuchsia metallic flakies and dark Fuchia micro hexes. This polish looks so good on! You can see how smoothly it applied. The Fuchsia flakes in the polish look so good in the crelly!
PBG is $9 FS and $5 mini.
Lastly is Marceline which is described as a grey glitter crelly with black opal, lavender and red holo moon glitter. I figured this would be my least liked of the bunch but when I applied it I fell in love with the crelly look. I was not expecting it but I think this polish looks really near and unque on.
Marceline will be $9 FS and $5 mini.
The release date is May 29th at 6 pm CT. and will only be available for pre order until June 5th.
As far as formula goes these really hit the mark. The uniqueness of this polish should really be considered as I know I have nothing to match these in my collection. Taking off the polish (even glitter) is really easy. I dip a cotton ball in polish remover and let it sit on my nail for a little before wiping it off without a problem. The glitter have been easier to take off than all other brands that I have used.
I know everyone will enjoy this collection. What photos would you like to see before the launch?

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