Throw Back Thursday My First Ever Mani Picture

#TBT I wanted to start doing ‘Throw Back Thursday’ just because I have a few mani pictures from before I started blogging that I would love to share with you guys.

Because this is my first TBT I am going to share my very first mani picture I had ever taken. I actually never shared this one and I am sorry I put a filter on it a long time ago but this is the very first! These are nail wraps, by Avon I believe, I got them on clearance and these were the only ones I wore (I got rid of the others). I really liked the look of these so much I snapped a picture to show my boyfriend. They eventually started to peel back from my nail which I though was really weird. I was surprised I liked the look of the design so much.
I have not used nail wrap since as I am now a nail polishaholic 🙂
 You can see my mess up on my thumb but this was still impressive for me! I love the lace look and I always will. Now looking back on this photo I am not sure how I feel about the whites of my nail showing but I know I didn’t mind at the time.
What do you guys think about my throw back photo? What was your first mani?

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