Mani Monday: NOTD + Review Emily De Molly Absent Minded

Happy Mani Monday!

Today I am showing and reviewing Emily De Molly’s “Absent Minded”.
I had always wanted this polish not just because of the look of it but because the name describes me well. I finally picked it up on Llarowe with a coupon. I will start by saying Emily De Molly has to be my favorite brand as far as colors go. I love the variation and all of the products seem so unique, Absent Minded included. Every time I get one of the polishes I feel like I really can’t compare it to anything else in my collection and I have a HUGE collection. I don’t feel guilty about my EDM purchases (no buyer’s remorse) I am just always more excited when I get the colors in the mail.
Okay now that that little rave is over let’s get to the NOTD photo!
 Isn’t this polish just lovely.
I am going to be rating this polish on 4 aspects, Application, Longevity, Aesthetic, and Removal.
Application (5/5):
There is really not much that needs to be said here. The application was pretty smooth and I had no problems applying the polish evenly. I had to do no clean up afterwards and I am overall satisfied with the brush and formula as far as application go.
Longevity (4/5):
This is hard to rate because it’s not that the polish didn’t last long it’s that I personally had a lot of shrinking and needed to touch up. I want to still give it a 5/5 anyways because I can honestly say I believe it was in reaction to the top coat I chose as it was a 2 free top coat and the polish is 5 free (I ordered a new 5 free top coat already just so I can wear it with this pretty) but because I honestly can’t say for sure I went ahead and gave it a 4/5. I have heard others having shrinkage issues with EDM’s and I have not had shrinking issues with my normal top coat (HK Girl Top Coat) with any of my other 5 frees but it makes complete sense so I will try it with a 5 free top coat. Just to clarify for shrinkage I mean after I do my nail (I do them at night) the following day I will notice I see the tips of my nails even with wrapping them (applying polish to the ends of my nails).
Aesthetic (5/5):
Of course I love the polish if I bought it but this was an easy 5/5 just because of how unique it is to me. I honestly have nothing that can compare to it in my collection and I think it’s gorgeous so I can’t help but give it all 5.
Removal (4/5):
For removal I have to take off a point just because of the glitter, it’s not killer but it is not easy either. The way I remove my polish most the time is dipping a cotton ball and letting it sit on my nail for a bit with some nail caps (they hold my cotton ball on my nail). With a little extra remover and a little extra time the glitter comes off fairly easily so I can’t really complain but it’s still glitter.
So overall the polish gets a 9/10.
Just quickly I want to sum up the pros and cons.
→ 5 Free
→ Unique Color
→ Great Formula
→ Does not chip easily (for me at least)
→ Glitter Removal
→ May have some shrinkage
I hope you guys enjoy this nail of the day as much as I did. Cya tomorrow!

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