Finger Lickin’ Lacquer Haul

 Left to Right → Peachy Keen, Call Me Meg, Cherry Pie, Hunter’s Helper, Lilac Festival

I could not wait to share my Finger Lickin’ Lacquer haul with you guys! They are about to go through a rebranding so they will no longer go by the name Finger Lickin’ Lacquer but I am excited to see what they have in store for their new brand!

FLL hosted a 50% off sale to help get rid of merchandise with the old name. Prior to this haul I had not purchased directly from the company but had picked up some of their polishes in a destash.
Their polishes are mostly scented but only 2/5 have any noticable scent which is no big deal (you can get them unscented). I went a little overboard on the cuticle oils as you will see.
It took a little while to get this order because of an issue with their cuticle oils, which they posted on their facebook. I was as patient as possible and it paid off.
I plan to have swatches at a later date, I will likely review each one individually, but if you are interested in one in particular make a comment and I will get to it ASAP!
Besides the polishes I got 7 cuticle oils. Here are the scents I chose:
→Apple Pie – I was hoping this has more of a sweet apple scent but it is more of a true apple pie. It has a sort of baked scent to it.
→ Banana Pudding – The fragrance is a bit on the lighter side and hard to pick up the direct scent but it still smells really good.
→ Bubblegum – The scent is not as strong in this one but it is a true bubblegum.
→ Cake Batter and Ice Cream – A vanilla sugar like scent. Very sweet.
→ Cupcake – by far my favorite. I wasn’t sure if I’d like cake batter or cupcake so I got them both and cupcake is so heavenly.
→ Strawberry Daiquiri – A sweet strawberry scent.
→ Vanilla Bean – No mistaking this one, smells like Vanilla. My boyfriend picked up on it right away.
So I have used the cuticle oils a few times now and I like them. I got them because I am constantly losing my Julep cuticle oil, they were cheap, and I liked the variety of scents. I mostly use them for picture taking. I put the oils on when I am taking photos of my hands. I think this will work just perfectly for that although I have a feeling I will be applying them a lot more just because I love the scents so much.
Overall I really do love this order. It’s one I was very excited for and it did not disappoint. I cannot wait to see what FLL does with their rebranding and I wish them the best of luck!

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