Ipsy Review – May 2015

I know I don’t do beauty reviews often but I still love to share them when I can.
Here is my May 2015 Ipsy bag and review.

So far I have loved pretty much every Ipsy bag I have gotten but this has to be the bag I have the most mixed feelings about.
Let us start with the bag itself. I LOVE the bag! The saying is just enough to give you a small smile upon reading it. Out of all my Ipsy bags I think I like this the most and I will have to find a good use for it.
Moving on to the items I got I will start with least exciting in my opinion and that would be the tinted moisturizer by CoTz. At least it’s tinted I suppose. When I was subscribed to Birchbox I got moisurizers every month even though I didn’t want them so I suppose this just brings back bad memories, Hehe! I know I will still try it though.
Next is the Urban Decay Revolution high-color lipgloss. It comes with a priming pencil and has two small samples of color. I suppose I was most confused when I first opened this because of the way the lipglosses are displayed/stored. They appear to be one time use. I will try them, at some point, but I have a feeling this sample is just not for me.
In the front is an eyebrow pencil by Chella. It is retracktable so I love that. I am a bit on the fence as I have not been using anything on my eyebrows as of late and I even got a new eyebrow filler by Julep a month ago I have yet to use so this pencil probably did not come at the right time for me. Overall the pencil still looks like one I would prefer if I was still filling my brows in.
The right shows the two packets of eye contour patches by Klorane. These are meant to be used under the eyes to soothe and relax. I am happy with these because I just got done with finals and figured I could use these.
Lastly is the eye brush. This is Luxe’s Tapered Blending Brush 205. I know I will love this brush because I have one of their contour brushes and I use it for everything (even things I probably shouldn’t). The brushes seem really high quality and they never shed on me so I am happy to see this in my bag and this with the bag alone make it all worth it to me.
What did you get?

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