Eighty4 Haul – April 2015

Okay, I think I am almost done catching up on all my hauls!
Another haul/mini review of the company, no swatches this time!
 Polishes left to right → Sunflowers & Skinny Jeans, Showing Out, Is it Greener.

Eighty4 is a new to me brand. I have heard quiet a bit about them because of their ‘Bye Felicia’ Latex tape. It is just repackaged latex tape but it’s not a bad price and the bottles are quiet nice so when I saw that she was having a mystery grab bag (which I am a sucker for) I could not resist.


The two latex tapes I purchased on my own., the rest came in the Mystery Grab Bag that I purchased for $15 plus shipping.
I won’t talk much about the lipglosses, although I like the colors I have yet to try them.
The polishes are quiet pretty. I love the bottles and they store well. The ‘Showing Out’ is an easy favorite as it reminds me of many other flakies/glitters that are more expensive. The white on Sunflowers & Skinny Jeans is not to sheer either while ‘Is it Greener’ is just a top coat.
The Bye Felicia Latex tape is quiet nice, it has a thin brush and applies easily, I have used it a few times and it will be successful on your first attempt. The smaller bottles are cheaper per ounce so I will stick with those.
Overall the FB page showed that she was shipping all mystery boxes within 24 hours. Because I also order the Bye Felicia latex tape I was not sure if this was true for me but it took a bit to ship. I had contacted the owner and she was quick to reply. Overall it took less than 2 weeks to reach me from checkout.
I do really like the products and think I will be back, I will probably wait for another Mystery Grab Bag.
If you want to see swatches please post which color you’d like me to review!
What do you think of the latex tape?

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