Moyou London Haul – April 2015

Again a bit late, I know, I know, but better late than never!
This is my Moyou London haul from April when they had their free shipping promo!
This is just a haul and brief overview of the company. You can find their stamping plates here.


Really quickly I want to touch base on shipping. When I bought during a non-promo month I got tracking and I got my shipment within the week (talk about fast). I have no idea if this is a postal thing but I know this purchase, during the shipping promo, did not get tracking and took a lot longer.
Moyou London offers free international shipping every few months. In between their shipping really isn’t all that expensive but the promo is just an excuse to buy more of what we love! This is my second Moyou London order and I actually spent less this time.
I have bought plates from several makers and knock off’s and I have to say so far Moyou is just my favorite. I use their stamping polish and their stamper and after a few practice rounds stamping has gotten so much easier!The plates from Moyou that I actually like the most are the ones you will not find knock-offs of.
I feel like this order really describes me as a person. You have Kaleidoscopic plate 2 which shows my A.D.D. side, Fashionista plate 8 which shows my Fashion Design side, Geek plate 7 that shows my gamer side and Cooking plate 8 that shows my love for food! I got the Kalediscope and Fashion plate because I know from my Explorer plate 3 that I love the designs that I can place over half of my nail. The Geek plate is the one that I feel I will have the hardest time using as I love the images but they all look to big for my tiny nails!
Moving on I also got the cuticle scraper, because it was cheap and I love these things! I happen to be enjoying it more than the one I have been using for months as it is much less likely to scrape my nail! I also got some scrapers because they are adorable and work well.
There are still tons of plates from Moyou that I want to try, you can spend hours on their site browsing for the plates that you want! Although there are sites like Bundle Monster that sell much cheaper, Moyou has the biggest variety, nicest packaging, and they tend to be the most consistent with constantly coming out with new designs. As far as their polish goes, the White works great but they are pretty pricey. My B.M.C that I get from Bundle Monster work just as nice so I would recommend them.
What does you guys like from Moyou London?
P.s. Sorry I could not get images of the plates, they are a bit to reflective.

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