NOTD – Llarowe Big Girl Panties

Time for another NOTD post!
I received this polish from a mystery bag from one of my destash groups. It was very kind as she sent it to me because she saw I was ISO ‘Decoy’ by Chaos and Crocodiles and told me is was a dupe. I have since been in love with this polish and this mani.

I love to do my nail in holos and sparkles when I am going to be working at my sewing machine for long periods of time. This means not only will I be seeing my nails a lot but I like using holos because the holo will reflect off the light of my sewing machine while I am working. This gives me a bit of happiness while I work!
As you can see I have done a white contrast stamping on my accent nail just to add a little bit of a pop against the strong red/pink color (which btw is Heart Seeker by Emily De Molly). The stamp is from my Fashionista plate for Moyou London located here.
I just love the overall contrast of this mani. What do you think?
 Micro of Llarowes – My Big Girl Panties
Micro of Emily De Molly’s Heart Seeker
I hope you all enjoy this NOTD! Let me know if you have any questions or want to see more in the comments down below!

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