Tater Rounds Beauty Review

Hello all! This is a bit of a Haul/Review/Swatches post! I hope you do not mind and I hope you enjoy!

Since I have one week left of school and I will have a bit more free time in the summer to do what I love I decided to start reviewing and swatching some products from a variety of Etsy shops! I purchased these products at full price and this is a 100% honest review and is purely just my personal opinion! Let’s get started!

 These are all the pretties I purchased from Tater Rounds Beauty, located here (Tater10 → 10% Off). I purchased a set of 5 minis and a full size polish. Although the shop name is Tater Rounds Beauty she refers to her polish as ‘Hay Girl’ polish. The colors about are Hypnotic (Full Size), Strawberry, Black Magic, Nightfall, Periwinkle, and Lullaby.

I will go ahead and mention that Victoria (the owner of the shop) mentions that she does not use labels on her products as to not waste paper; as this may be a good thing for some it is not something I would prefer as in my collection I would forget who I bought these polishes from and their names. I actually had to refer back to my email several times to see the names of the polishes. Overall I can at least remember from the sticker on the mini’s who I bought the polish from but not the full size. Another thing to note is that her polish shape for the full size is different from what is pictured in her listing, I know that it’s likely just that she purchased was cheap and readily available but in the future it may be nice to see some consistency.

Okay so lets talk about Hypnotic. In the photo she has listed Hypnotic just looks like a generic silver glitter and it looks about the same in indoor lighting, just super sparkly. Once I got the polish in my light box though that’s when you notice the difference. In her title she describes Hypnotic as a gold and blue glitter and it shows in the light. As you can see in the photo above it looks a lot more gold and blue.

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