Llarowe Haul – April 2015

 Left to Right → Imerpeial by Picture Polish, Cherubic by Color Club, I’m B-ind by Emily De Molly, Turbulence by EDM, Absent Minded by EDM, Folklore by EDM, Heart Street by EDM, Till the End of Time by Too Fancy Lacquer, Sping in my Step by TFL, and Silver (Turbulence) by Ggal.

Okay I know, I know, I am a bit late but I have been so busy and I am just now catching up!

This is not a review, just a haul so sit back and enjoy.

And if you want to check out Llarowe click here.

(Sorry no swatches this time!)


I am actually missing my HK Girl Top coat from the picture aboce *Sad face* but that’s okay because all of my other pretties are here!

If you happened to read my last blog post you will know that for some reason I was not overly in love with what I got for the amount of money I spent (from Llarowe) but I have to say even with getting no extras or anything this time, I was more than satisfied!

I bought these when they were having a Sunday 20% off sale back in the beginning of April. I have to tell you if they did these sales more often I would spend a lot more money with llarowe! I loved adding all these things to my bag and putting in the discount code and thinking to myself (Oh I can add one more polish).

 Left to Right → I’m B-ind by Emily De Molly, Turbulence by EDM, Absent Minded by EDM, Folklore by EDM, Heart Street by EDM

Here are my Emily de Molly’s that I purchased. These may not be the first ones that I have but I think they are the firsts ones I have bought brand new and I must say I am their new biggest fan. I mean honestly, I have found my new favorite brand. Upon seeing these polishes in real life I was 1000x more excited than just seeing the swatches online! These are unbelievable stunning and unique, I already see tons more that I want and know that I will be purchasing at a later date!

Absent Minded is one that I have been wanting, one that my boyfriend tried to say no to when I was picking out polish, but I could not resist as I have been wanting it for so long and the name describes me (hehe!).

The Too Fancy have been good buys at their price for what they are along with the Color Club. The Imperial swatches very purple, which for some reason,  was not what I was expecting!

The Ggal is a top coat and I really do like it and have been planning on doing another haul from Llarowe since her polishes (Ggal) are on sale.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy looking at my new pretties! If you want to see swatches just leave a comment below on which you would like me to review/swatch!


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