Chaos & Crocodile Review

Hello Everyone! This is my long awaited Chaos and Crocodile review.

I will have minimal swatches in here mainly because all the photos I took were not very true to color as some how my lighting messed them up! If you really want some swatches feel free to comment on which you would like to see and I can get some swatched for you guys in a later blog post.

Alright here goes nothing!

I have recieved most of my Crocs through a sale Llarowe was having and one other from a mystery box. The consistency of the polish reminds me of both Llarowe and Cupcake polish (more so like cupcake, I feel like the formulas are twins!). The colors apply very smoothe and thin (this is a good thing, we get a good even layer). The colors, although pretty, are mostly ‘MEH’. They are not dramatic enough for my taste! That doesn’t mean I don’t love them anyways, they just won’t be my go-to. They are great holos to add to your collection, a good basic.

I love the bottles as they are so easy to store and I love the logo (I think that is what I love most about these polishes!). Of course taking them off is super easy and I don’t have any noticable trouble with them chipping. I really do like the formula and bottles so I hope to try new color from the brand eventually.

Here is my swatch of them. I have some micros but I am not sure about the color so I have chose to leave those out.

 Still pretty nice, eh? The holos are so soft it’s almost poetic! I would not be scared to try C&C because of their formula nor colors. You can see how nicely the colors applied onto my nails. I still hope to get my hands on a few new colors!

Until Tomorrow!


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