Llarowe Haul!

Hello All!

This will be a quick haul and very mini review of Llarowe.

Llarowe started my Indie addiction back last June when I preordered their Summer 2014 collection. I was so pleased and got a free polish with my order.

I no longer typically buy full priced polish as I buy far to much but as of late I have been looking into it more.

I am a sucker for mystery bags and when I saw a few posted on Llarowes site I decided to pick up a few along with the crocs on sale! Review is posted below the photos.

The two Too Fancy Lacquer along with my Chao & Crocodiles were ones I picked and purchased from their sale section the rest came from their Scratch and Dent and other mystery bags they offer.

My overall feelings when I opened everything actually left me feeling very ‘Meh’ about my purchase. For some reason I wasn’t thrilled with everything i got. I love the colors, they are gorgous but I just feel like I didn’t get what I wanted for the money I spent. I guess is was a bit of buyers remorse because of how much I spent.

I was not in love with any of the Llarowe colors I happened to get but the Models own and Color club look fantastic along with the Pahlish. I love Chaos & Crocs and this was my first time purchasing them from a retailer. Their formula is great but these colors are very generic.

Overall I was okay with my order. I probably won’t purchase the one Llarowe mystery lot as it was not a color I liked even if it was a LE color. The Scratch and Dents were not so bad as they were both the CC and the Pahlish but the blue CC actually bothers me and I should have known that upon purchasing it.

What would have made the difference for me was a simple ‘Thank You’ on my packing slip. Customer Appreciation goes a long ways and this was a lot of money to me and the buyers remorse is one of the reasons I typically don’t buy straight retail anymore.

I WILL SAY that I have already done another purchase from Llarowe since and I am actually really pleased with it and will post later.

Moral of this review is that companies should show a little appreciation to their customers. It’ll help them feel happier with their purchase and although some people might not need it it would have made the difference in mine. I like feeling appreciated when I spend over $100.

See you guys with swatched of my Crocs soon!


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