Review/NOTD: Parrot Polish ‘White Nile”

Hello Everyone!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!

This is my Parrot Polish ‘White Nile’ NOTD/Review.

I am so excited to get to share this polish with you guys because I love it that much!

We all get those polishes every now and then that you use then you find yourself mesmerized by how beautiful it is! This is one of those for me!

I purchased White Nile based off of the swatches that Parrot Polish had on their site. They pictured the polish over purple and I loved it so much. I got the polish and realized it was a top coat (D’oh! I do this quite frequently TBH). Well upon this realization I figured I would have some fun with it. I got out a swatching wheel and coated it with all sorts of colors.

In my conclusion the polish best looks over black, purple and blue. (Dark colors mind you). I did not test this polish on every color so I may go back to experiment more.

I loved the color over black the most. Just as a side note, over lighter colors the polish appeared quite cheap, as in the polish looked like nothing special and like any blue glittery top coat I could find at the drugstore and never use, but in honesty the swatch wheel seemed to not give the polish as much justice as my nails did.

I paired the polish with Enchanted Polish ‘Paint it Black’ and used two coats of Parrot Polish ‘White Nile’. If you just use one coat it appears more as a top coat IMO. I finished with stamping on my ring finger using Moyou plate Explorer 3 with their ‘White Knight’ stamping polish. I topped to finish with HK Girl Top Coat.

Parrot Polish describes White Nile as follows, “A white flake top coat with blue [purple] tints.”

In most light the glitter appears to be blue but there is a purple effect to it which you will see in my other photos below.

Now for the grading process.

I will be judging the polish based on the application, aesthetic, and logevity.

Application (8/10):

Rating the application of this polish is rather hard to do because I used a black base from a different company that I had not actually used before. When it came time to apply White Nile I had some perfect nails and some not as perfect. The polish tends to go on a little thicker but if this becomes a problem you can easily add some thinner as many indie makers leave their polish thicker so you can thin it to your desire.

I would take special care to make sure your application is smooth the first go around. I noticed on some nails there would be small gaps where it appears the polish didn’t reach and there was no going back, it just would not fill in.

Overall I say the application is smooth but use thin, even coats and build from there.

Aesthetic (5/5):

This polish is gorgeous! I could not stop staring at my nails while I worked and kept telling my boyfriend that it was so pretty. I just felt heavenly wearing this polish! It’s very bright and unique.

Longevity (4/5):

I believe this has a lot to do with the layers and thickness of my application so I would not completely down the polish for my chipping. I experienced chipping just a few hours after doing my nails and the following day it was more evident on my dominant hand (The outdoors photo was the following day on my non-dominant hand).  Even after wrapping the nails there are some larger chunks missing but nothing to serious. Sadly due to the polish being only a top coat there is no touching it up nicely like I have done with some of my other polishes. Like I stressed before, use thin layers!

Overall (8.5/10):

I love this polish more so because it is just that pretty on. I typically hate top coats as I find I never wear them but this is one I know I will wear again. I would highly recommend the polish and recommend you check out Parrot Polish.

My Parrot Polish Haul → HERE

I hope everyone enjoys the swatches and reviews. Here’s a few more for keepsakes.

 Outdoor View

 Micro View – 1

 Micro View – 2

Thanks for reading!

XOXO ~ Krista Cathleen.

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