HAUL! – Parrot Polish

I am so excited to show you guys Parrot Polish. I have seen a lot about them lately and have been a little stuck on buying from them. I was having a hard time picking out what polish I wanted to try and just fell in love with White Nile so I bought it straight away.

Parrot Polish is known for their great customer service and all that is pictured above is everything I got in my While Nile Order!

I cannot confirm what the polish is on the right but I LOVE it. It appears to be another top coat but did not come with a name on it.

Parrot Polish also sent a nice hand written note with the polish.

So here are some things I love about Parrot Polish thus far after my first order:

♥ They communicate well. To me this is a very important! This shows that they want to build a relationship with the customer. I see a lot of companies that I have bought from before and put a simple ‘Thank you’ on the packing slip and a free sample when I order close to $100 in polish and I LOVE it. I think of them and want to come back but some companies (including some that I have loved before) just send you the polish without a simple Thanks and just automated emails. When I spend so much with a company I want to feel appreciated. I recently spent $120 with a company that before sent me freebies and thank you notes and got nothing this past time. It left me feeling disappointed overall. A simple note and/or sample can make the difference between a customer being satisfied and feeling meh, the ‘meh’ customer will not come back.

♥ Love the samples. This was very generous of the company. I don’t expect them to always give a free polish as this was extremely thoughtful in addition to the soaps. I hope that in their future orders they will keep some form of their free goodies as you can never be disappointed with a company like this. I could see them taking good care of people if I were to decide to drop quite a bit of money on them.

♥ They communicate with their customers on social media. A lot of makers are MIA on responding to social media or even being on there in general. I see come companies whose latest posts were half a year ago. Parrot Polish responds to most if not all posts they are tagged in.

(Above is Parrot Polish ‘White Nile’ (Left) and Parrot Polish GWP (Right))

I will be posting swatched of White Nile soon and I must say I am VERY excited. I have already swatched the beauty all over a swatch wheel and you will be very impressed. It looks very different from the Parrot Polish site with the color I decided to pair it with. It just shows you the range of this polish!

I hope you guys enjoy this haul! Have you ordered from Parrot Polish? What is your favorite?

XOXO Krista Cathleen.

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