NOTD/Review – Time and Relative Dimension in Space by LynBDesigns

Hello Ladies! I know it has been awhile since my last post but I have tons of mani pictures to show that I hope I will find time to keep posting!

First up is ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space’ by LynBDesigns.

This is my first polish by the seller and I got it in a huge lot I purchased from someone destashing some of their indies.

I personally love blue glitters and so I was really excited to see this bad boy in the lot!

I am going to be doing a quick review over the polish so I hope you guys enjoy!

I will be rating the polish based on application, longevity and other factors.

Application (10/10):

As you can see this is not the normal background I use when taking photos and that is because I took this photo while I was out of town. I did my nail very quickly one evening and something to keep in mind is that I had no nail polish remover or clean up tools with me, just the basic top and bottom coats and the polishes I had received in the mail that day while heading out.

The application on this polish was magnificent! It applied very smoothly and as you can see, even with the glitter, I had pretty smooth lines around the edges. An easy 10/10 for me!

Longevity (10/10):

For me I tend to have a problem with how long my polishes last on my nails (I.E. They start chipping from the next day to about two days later). I did this mani on a Wed. night and it ended up not chipping until the following Tuesday. Typically with all the work I do with my hands and all the cleaning PLUS the super hot showers I take this is something I am not use to having anymore so I must say I was very impressed.

Other (8/10):

I wanted to rate the polish a bit harsherthan giving it all perfect scores but that is nearly impossible to do. One thing I love about polishes like this is when they do chip you can go back and touch up the polish and no one will ever know, unlike a solid color that there will clearly be a line letting the world know your mani previously chipped. Not with this though. The only points I have to take off, and this is really no surprise, is it’s a bit rough to take off just because of the glitter. I typically soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and leave it on my nail for about 30 seconds because I wipe it off to remove the polish, just a bit of a hassle when the glitter starts to spread.

Overall 9.3/10:

I really do like this polish and would recommend it.

In case you are interested here is a link to the product on etsy here.

I hope you guys enjoy this review and please enjoy the extra photo.

Xoxo Krista.

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